NEXUS comes pre-integrated with all leading suppliers

NEXUS comes pre-integrated with all leading hotel content suppliers including Hotel Beds, Expedia, Agoda, Web Beds and many more to offer more than 900,000 unique properties across the world, enabling you to provide a wide choice of hotels to your customer. Moreover, you can shrink your integration* time and launch your website faster too.

  • Search for inventory with incredible speeds
    With NEXUS, your visitors do not need to wait for results to show on their screen. As soon as the suppliers respond, you can show the results on the screen. This enhances your visitors user experience by considerably reducing wait time and increasing the chances of conversions.Our most optimized integrations brings out best search performance out of Supplier APIs
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    Mapped hotels and rooms across suppliers
    Do not worry about duplicate hotel content any more. NEXUS accurately returns a single unique copy of a hotel mapped across different suppliers. Moreover, Our algorithm enables you to show your customer the best room rate along with all the information necessary for faster decision making, thus increasing the chances of a travel booking.
  • Maximize your margins by finding best performing content
    Maximize your margins by leveraging NEXUS to find you the 10% of your best hotel content. Our sophisticated AI based algorithm learns continuously from the bookings made on our platform to identify a pattern of preferred bookings. SO when your customer decides to search, they are most likely to find the hotel they want in the least possible time, and you - 90% of your revenue.
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    Consume high quality & accurate search results
    NEXUS allows you to perform an exact circle based or a polygon based search to retrieve travel content within a neighborhood and a city too. Our flexible search options & optimized search patterns enhance the performance of a supplier API. In the end, your customer gets to consume high quality & accurate travel content.
  • Allow your customer to book in a language and currency of their choice
    NEXUS is your ready-to-go API that offers a multi-language and multiple currency support, helping you make sure that your customer is free to book their inventory in a language and currency of their choice. Our flexible architecture also makes it possible for you to add support for a new language rapidly. Distribution Ready API.
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    Distribute content with our JSON based, well-documented API
    NEXUS is your ready-to-go API that provides well documented API to distribute content seamlessly to other travel agencies.
  • Maximize your profits
    We have comprehensive pricing module to control markups, discounts, commissions, fees through admin panel. We have strong AI based pricing module which allows you to apply fixed markup as well as dynamic markup. Dynamic markup leverages room mapping to maximize your profits for every booking and keep you competitive.
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    Service your customer faster with 100% access to logs on NEXUS
    When you use NEXUS, You get 100% access to all the logs - Every single supplier call you make, and the overall performance too. This enables you to service your customer accurately and with a rapid pace. While we are busy managing your travel technology needs, you get all the time to build a customer first travel brand.
  • Invest in our cost-effective pricing models
    Our pay-as-you-use , SaaS based pricing model helps you keep your costs under control. Our dedicated team of travel experts help you integrate a new supplier on demand. On the other hand, our dedicated cloud infrastructure team makes sure you enjoy superior up-times.
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