UNICA unleashes the power of machine learning to accurately map hotel content

UNICA’s algorithms leverage the power of machine learning to uniquely map hotel content with a 99.99% accuracy. UNICA mapping algorithm is completely agnostic to the source of the hotel content and also provide best opinionated content to further enhance the user experience.

  • Avoid Duplicates Hotels Across Suppliers
    Avoid Duplicate hotel records in your inventory with UNICA. Our smart algorithm uniquely identifies hotel properties to each supplier thereby allowing you to price your inventory correctly & generate higher number of conversions.
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    Avoid Costly Mistakes of Bad Mapping
    Badly mapped hotel content costs a travel business thousands of dollars. With UNICA available, travel agencies no longer need to worry about duplicate hotels showing up on their website. Our algorithms leverage machine learning to map hotel inventory with 99.99% accuracy. With your best selling inventory identified, you see an overall uptick in your conversion rates.
  • Improve user experience by showing opinionated content for every hotel
    UNICA provides your customer with the best opinionated hotel content ever available to make a purchase decision. By going beyond mapping just the available hotel data, UNICA’s algorithms continuously map available hotel content attributes including images, amenities, geo-location details and more to enrich the customers’ user experience.
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    Easy to use interface and APIs
    UNICA provides you with an easy to use User Interface so that configuring supplier credentials, uploading content files, finding duplicates & scheduling mapping for hotel content is all under your control. With APIs to fully automate content delivery, UNICA is the only hotel content mapping solution you will ever need.
  • Offer full and latest content always with real time content update
    UNICA works with all content sources in real time. We push content update to UNICA customers multiple times in a day which helps customers to stay updated on content. In addition to making new hotels available, it ensures there is no stale information show to users ever.
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